DX Cluster Annunce
04May2024@20:44:12 PA2TMS -> ALL jo23kc
04May2024@20:49:15 LU4EHF -> ALL website friend
04May2024@22:20:06 KI7CFO -> ALL 7QP area contest KI7CFO on 21.275MHz
04May2024@23:11:03 K6EI -> ALL AZAPH 7QP
05May2024@08:59:19 WP3MW -> ALL 3d2ccc conway reef only for digi modes???
05May2024@10:01:40 F6BBO -> ALL 21004 : both 3d2ccc and h25a on same qrg
05May2024@20:01:08 N4BCY -> ALL hi
06May2024@04:21:00 DL7VEE -> ALL fake call DF4GH
06May2024@10:52:38 NK0S-15 -> ALL CQing DX EU
06May2024@14:36:37 IT9VXS -> ALL commodore 64 rtty
06May2024@16:54:10 IS0BYY -> ALL 3G0YA, 3D2CCC QRT...
07May2024@01:30:38 LU4EHF -> ALL compra ???? venta
07May2024@19:37:38 9A9Y -> ALL Have you send $$? If yes,maybe letter is "lost"
07May2024@19:46:20 9A9Y -> ALL Have you send enought $$? If yes,maybe letter is "lost"
07May2024@19:49:39 9A9Y -> ALL Test
08May2024@00:39:00 LU4EHF -> ALL ham site
08May2024@09:10:55 IK6CGO -> LOCAL Has anyone received the Z60ID qsl ?
08May2024@21:59:47 M0BKV -> ALL test please ignore
09May2024@11:22:43 M0BKV -> ALL seems very quite on this cluster
09May2024@11:40:57 VK3HJ -> ALL Z62NS card rx ok via OQRS in Feb.
09May2024@15:53:12 CT5KAO -> ALL jx9jka I received a card in qsl
09May2024@16:32:17 EA2EFI -> ALL 5/5/)here QSB.. TNX.QSO.73s
11May2024@02:24:30 OH1MRR -> ALL Total blackout from 20 meters upwards, *!**## northen lights :(
11May2024@10:05:47 VK6DU -> ALL Best chance Aurora Australis vision tonight VK/ZL
11May2024@11:19:22 PY5EG -> ALL sh/dx/200
11May2024@15:01:53 IK8OZV -> ALL please who is on QO-100 on FT8?
11May2024@15:37:11 IW4BET -> ALL 1st good aurora since 2003 in jn54ql!
12May2024@10:26:55 EA1DVI -> ALL G7vgt
12May2024@10:45:45 F5SZY -> ALL Es tu la ?
12May2024@15:31:53 LU8VCC -> ALL cp7dx 18130 up 5
12May2024@21:52:42 PY5AS -> ALL Cd dx
13May2024@19:53:44 TK1CX -> ALL my frfeq 14074 not 14047 tk2bjo
14May2024@00:20:25 LU8VCC -> ALL 7180 cp7dx 10 up !!
14May2024@05:48:37 UA4CC-5 -> ALL UA4CC DXSpider
15May2024@17:57:11 LU8VCC -> ALL 28485 cp7dx 5UP. split
15May2024@18:42:32 CT7APD -> ALL the web site is down?
16May2024@01:49:43 W2TAD-15 -> ALL LOTW site - still down
16May2024@10:22:08 DL7VEE -> ALL LoTW ARRL down?
16May2024@11:51:34 F4HXJ -> ALL lotw down same for me
16May2024@18:58:26 EA1BCK -> ALL alguien sabe que sucede con la pgina de lotw que hoy no me carga?
16May2024@20:04:08 CR7AXH -> ALL LoTW offline:
16May2024@21:52:02 LU4EHF -> ALL Lotw - down server
17May2024@02:37:10 OH4SS -> ALL
17May2024@05:37:23 IU1IPB -> ALL Has someone news regarding LOTW maintenace ?
17May2024@09:34:47 VK6DU -> ALL CP7DX: we do hope to hear you in VK6 before you go, 73
17May2024@10:43:36 OH1MRR -> ALL Exotic call on 50313 "CHE ROTTURA" :)
17May2024@20:29:32 LU4EHF -> ALL Creador de targetas eQSL
17May2024@22:25:55 EA8B -> ALL CP7DX 18130 CQ DX
18May2024@03:48:19 OH1MRR -> ALL LoTw down???
18May2024@04:55:02 HB9AMO -> ALL Any news from the lotw website ?
18May2024@14:09:21 KD9ZDR -> ALL 10 METERS IS OPEN TODAY YEA!!!
18May2024@14:11:24 KD9ZDR -> ALL 10M APPEARS TO BE OPEN TODAY YEA!!!
18May2024@14:13:48 KD9ZDR -> ALL cq anyone, anywhere 10M IS OPEN NOW
18May2024@15:01:33 AA1F -> ALL Chester on track -special event. Massachusetts
18May2024@15:05:55 AA1F -> ALL Chester on track -special railroad event. Massachusetts
18May2024@18:42:51 LU4EHF -> ALL
18May2024@20:19:54 W5OC -> ALL NASA JSC NASA ON THE AIR (NOTA) pse QRS for new CW op
18May2024@21:32:28 IK6SIO-2 -> ALL On DD5XX-10 CLUSTER ONLY SPOT CW SSB great !!
19May2024@09:45:29 VK6DU -> ALL When is BQ9 Pratas Island going to be active again?
19May2024@16:01:26 EB3DPK -> ALL EH7IR